The Sacred and Holy Covenant


Before time began, the sacred Covenant between the Divine Creator and souls existed within the Mind of God, immortalized in the Consciousness that carried all individualized life within Itself, never to be separate, never to be apart.

The holy Covenant — God’s promise of abundance and blessing to those whose relationship with the Divine remained one of purity, love, and an immersion in the principles of light and truth — defines the relationship between Creation and Creator. These principles create an arrangement of reciprocity and blessing through which all that is good and desirable can flow.

Embedded in the Covenant is the knowledge of relationship of created to Creator, of part to the Whole, and of part to every other part — not a relationship of subservience, but one of devotion and of oneness.

On the one hand, the blessings of abundance flow to the embodied life of souls on the earth, creating a sense of nurturance and of gift; on the other, the blessings of love, reverence, obedience, and devotion flow toward the One, the Creator of all.

The Covenant exists within the very essence of soul-consciousness and results in the revelation to each embodied soul of the reality of its true nature. Such a revelation unfolds in the manner of a seed within the deepest recesses of the soul — a seed that seeks the expression of the deeper truth that it carries. This seed also serves as a catalyst, functioning through time as an activating force which causes, in some, a perpetual renewal of their vows to live lives in observance of the sanctity of life, while simultaneously allowing others to turn away from such sanctity and to lead lives that appear to be separate. Among those who choose it, the Covenant can be incorporated into life through a freely-chosen act of the embodied self and soul which places it at the center of life.

Embedded in the Covenant is the knowledge of relationship of created to Creator, of part to the Whole, and of part to every other part — not a relationship of subservience, but one of devotion and of oneness, out of which comes an acknowledgment of that which is but a vaster and greater expression of Self. Thus, the smaller self or personality can come to be identified with the greater Self or soul but cannot replace the greater Self with itself; nor can the greater Self which remains one in essence with the Whole, replace the Whole. This fundamental aspect of part to Whole exists throughout created life, with Consciousness being the bridge between the two.

The flow of blessing along the lines of the sacred Covenant occurs as a result of its holy action, namely, by bringing to those who have returned to a place of truth, knowledge of all that the Divine Creator holds within Itself in the way of peace, love, joy, and abundance. Such qualities emerge not only on the level of inner knowing, but also as a flow of awareness that takes place within matter itself which responds to the inner necessity of its own nature, causing it to become part of the vibration of holiness.

Nevertheless, only infrequently have the pathways been opened to the full exercise of the sacred Covenant within souls, for many, in the process of learning to live within the physical environment, could not easily find their way back to the fundamental truth of their inner being, and under such circumstances, could not feel or intuit that the Covenant really existed. But where such souls did and could recall their essential nature, the way became open for the flow of abundance to occur and for the blessings of the Divine to permeate all of life.

The allowance of conscious separation from the Divine Source, however, permits souls to travel down a different road if they choose, even along paths which reject acknowledgment of the primary relationship with Source, which therefore cannot fully embrace the meaning of the part to the Whole. Those who have sought a life which focuses on a path other than the one that joins all creatures with each other and with their Creator, inevitably separate a part of themselves from wholeness as well as from love, and therefore cannot experience the full measure of the Covenant.

King David singing to God.

In the evolving drama of the history of souls, the path to the full revelation of the Covenant has had to wait until the time when forces of separation no longer prevailed, and forces of unity and love could overcome longstanding tendencies that separated souls from their Divine heritage. Today, this pathway has become more open and more widely used, so that once again it is possible for the many to receive the blessings of the Covenant because of their desire to return to sanctity and to the purity of their own inner being.

Blessed is the soul that has come this far in the knowledge of its relationship with the Creator of all, for in that knowledge lies the wisdom of life and the fruits of life’s blessing.

Blessed is the expression of the sacred and holy Covenant, for in it lies the fulfillment of man’s fundamental purpose for existing — the acknowledgment of the One and the exercise of the deepest potentiality of his own inner nature and being.


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