Spiritual Materialism and the Ego

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Audio: Spiritual Materialism and the Ego

I wish to acquaint you with a new podcast that addresses the question that many have concerning how to penetrate what seem to be impenetrable situations where there appears to be an
impasse. In this podcast, the way of the ego (‘spiritual materialism’) and the way of the spiritual being are compared, and choices are described that can be applied to many situations.

One of these choices has to do with the belief that ‘there are no impasses,’ that even within situations of great darkness, a path of light can be found, due to the expansion of spiritual light upon the Earth and to the increased soul energy that is present for us as a result of that expansion. This energy can make available to us a passageway of light, even in the presence of the deepest darkness.

Another choice that we are each called to make is how we deal with the experience of fear. Fear appears to restrict our choices. It conveys to us the presence of limitation. It causes us to cling to the familiar, even to the ‘negative familiar’ that does not serve a useful purpose for us. Fear clouds our mind and causes us to shrink from taking risks and from embracing the unknown.

The way of our inner being is not this. It is the way of surrender in trust to the purposes of the Divine, not to the purposes of the ego. It asks us to walk boldly into the unknown, carrying our fear with us if need be, yet choosing to move forward.

These choices of our time determine what kind of life we will lead, and what we are ready to let go of. They lie before each of us, each in our own way


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