The Holy Earth II

GurujiMa  | 

What is held in the body is our knowing. What is held in the mind is our thinking. We move in stages of deepening from thinking to knowing.

The Earth is not separate from the Divine Beloved. The Earth is the tangible body of the Beloved, having come into form to fulfill a sacred purpose, the purpose of manifesting duality and transforming it into unity. The purpose of turning darkness into light.

This holy purpose is part of the spiritual DNA of every human being, no matter what their religious beliefs. All are here to experience separateness and to bring separateness into unity, to bring the past into the future.

We may love the Earth as the manifested form of the One, and love ourselves and each other in the same way.  The important thing is to love. The important thing is to know that we walk on holy ground.

We are not accustomed to thinking of physical matter as holy but it is. The ground we walk on is holy. The air we breathe is holy. The hand that reaches out to touch us and that we touch is holy. Physical matter is holy because it is not separate from divine Being. It is the expression of divine Being that has given rise to all the myriad forms and identities that make up the physical world.

What we hold to be most real we perceive through spiritual ‘touch.’ Our bodies must feel this ‘touch’ in order for it to be real to us. Spiritual ‘touch’ does not require physical contact. It is the inner awareness of truth that feels as real as physical contact. The body can hold this truth even when the mind cannot.

We perceive the divinity of the Earth in ‘degrees of reality’ that we awaken to or that come upon us. The sacredness of the Earth that we feel with our being can be as real to us as that which we touch physically. This handful of soil, this breath of air, this warmth of sun — these are the holy aspects of life within the physical realm. We must not only think this but come to know it with our bodies. What is held in the body is our knowing. What is held in the mind is our thinking. We move in stages of deepening from thinking to knowing.

Though some of us have never left the knowing of the sacred, the rest must return to it and remember the Divine One coming through the Earth, the precious One. As it is with the Earth, so it is with our own bodies. We are the expression of the holy in physical form.

What is true for humanity as a whole is that we are on our way. We are moving from the less real to the more real. We are remembering our origins and are coming home. No matter what storms assail us or what winds seek to cause us to lose our way, we are like homing pigeons returning to the Source, a Source that cannot be extinguished for it is the foundation of life.


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