How to Ask for Inner Guidance


The Divine is your deepest self, the source of wisdom, hope, love, and inner guidance. Ask to recognize this self in all decisions, choices, and actions.

The Divine lives within you as your own deepest self, as the source of love, and as the source of guidance. This is not a matter of belief but a matter of how you were created. Trust this. Know that you can reach for this in every moment of your waking life. Practice reaching in all the moments of questioning which path to take, which choice to make, where to go, and what to do.

The Divine lives within you as your own being. It is not temporary. It is not based on how you feel or what you think in terms of spiritual beliefs. It is not based on what you have done or not done. It exists within you as a permanent layer of your own being, the deepest layer, the one that gives rise to your being here in a body at all. From this part of you comes wisdom, hope, and the sense of safety in the world. Know that it is there.

The Divine lives within you and therefore when in doubt you have a place to turn to that can show you the way, that can represent the path of light and truth to you, that can lead you home. Call upon it, ask for it. Ask to be shown how to live.

In each moment this asking to be shown the way can become the spiritual practice that embraces all decisions, all choices, and all actions that you take. It is the way of leading a life that joins the human and the Divine within you and that allows your deepest being to guide you home.

Sample prayers:

“I am a pure and blameless child of the Divine. I ask that the way of all healing be shown to me.”

“I seek to do the will of the Divine. May that will and path be shown to me.”

“Show me the way that is right for me, the way that leads to the greatest good for all.”

“May the will of my deepest being be made known to me that I may live the life of my soul and become one with my purpose.”

These prayers or ones like it declare the intention of the heart and create a pathway of energy that links heart and mind with the deeper knowing of the soul. The response to all prayer is real and active, though it may not come in words and it may not be felt in the immediacy of the moment of asking. Trust that all prayer receives a response from the universe and look for this response.


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