Embracing the Light


There are many, today, who seek to do what is right and good in God’s eyes, who, nevertheless find themselves at odds with this inner directive when it comes to some form of attachment that is difficult to give up or some form of loss that is difficult to resign oneself to. Then, the commitment to embrace the light can be sorely tested as it comes into contact with the remaining areas of emotional need that have not yet detached themselves from the ego and given themselves to God.

Herein lies a step that must be taken in the forward progression of spiritual truth — it is to know beyond doubt that the self cannot benefit if others are diminished; that the self cannot advance if others are held back.

Attachments of all kinds fall into this category — to things, places, people, hopes, even to a sense of one’s personal identity. All of these can be let go of in progressive stages as one seeks to substitute a planetary identity for the personal one, attachment to God for all lesser attachments, and hope that lies in the expansion of spiritual truth, for the smaller hopes that may be present.

Embracing the light involves the heart’s reaching out in love to do what it can to serve God and Life in a way that will be of benefit to all. With respect to each action taken or to be taken, it requires considering whether the action is mainly self-serving, or if it will be of benefit to others. Such a perspective does not necessitate the abandonment of the self and its wishes, since these, too, partake of the soul’s purpose and essence. Yet it places these in service to the greater good, understanding that the good of the Whole and the good of the self are inseparable.

Herein lies a step that must be taken in the forward progression of spiritual truth — it is to know beyond doubt that the self cannot benefit if others are diminished; that the self cannot advance if others are held back. This underlying premise can infuse the heart at deeper and deeper levels of understanding as it opens to greater light. Then, it no longer becomes a struggle to contemplate waiting for something or letting go of something, for security lies in knowing that all will be well if it arrives in God’s time and not in one’s own.

The light of God is both a sacred mystery at the heart of Life and a tangible aspect of what human beings are meant to experience. In its primordial beginnings, it is the divine Source out of which all that is was created. As a tangible experience within embodied life, it is the divine Presence that exists within all that can be sensed by hearts that are opening to deeper layers of their own identity. This Presence is the essence of all that lives and the spiritual core out of which everything is made.

The divine Presence is God individualized within Creation. Within itself it includes the force of light and love in a seamless unity that embraces all. Within itself, it also includes the blueprint for Creation that perpetually unfolds to reveal the new. To embrace this Presence is to reciprocally open oneself to love and revere the Divine and holy purpose that is manifested within Life, and to love and revere the one Source that gives rise to all of existence.

As light’s expansion brings one to a deeper sense of identity, there is no longer conflict or separation between the love that one gives to the Presence and the love that one gives to oneself. It is for this reason that surrender does not diminish the self but rather expands it. Indeed, the holy Presence of light within each one is joined to the same Presence within all, and what is essentially a unity of One cannot be in conflict with Itself. Therefore, one’s true purpose can never be at odds with the truth of another’s purpose Though it may appear that way on the surface, beneath the surface all exists in harmony.

For this reason, increased light makes possible concordance and peace within relationships and between nations. It makes possible the resolution of what appear to be insurmountable differences. In the presence of these difficulties, if one were to go to a deeper level, the source of harmony and love, based on oneness, would be found.

Ultimately, to embrace the light is to allow the heart to love freely and without restrictions, and to let go of all labels that may seek to limit that love. In this way, one welcomes the Divine to permeate one’s entire life. Such is the future toward which mankind is presently moving, and it will enable all disparate and separate elements within human consciousness to exist in harmony and peace.


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