Three Dispensations of Divine Revelation


A ‘dispensation’ is a portion of Divine knowledge that is revealed to humanity for the purpose of bringing consciousness to the next stage of its evolutionary development. There are Divine dispensations that come as transmissions through the embodied experience of a Divine being or messenger, and there are dispensations that are awakened within humanity as a whole, such as the one taking place today related to the activation of the soul within the body.

A dispensation of Divine knowledge is a blessing for all, irrespective of religion, and there are three that have been given through the spiritual current which originally anchored in the West that is called the Judaeo-Christian current. The third of these is taking place today and has been present since the early part of the last century.

The three dispensations which all have to do with the revelation of who God, is, are:

First, the revelation of God as Law, as omnipotent, all-powerful, and ruler over all. This revelation is of God the Father, the Creator of All. It established a moral code for humanity to follow that was given to Moses at Mount Sinai and was sealed through the Covenant of the Hebrews. This Covenant is implanted within the first Commandment of the Ten Commandments received by Moses, namely, “I am the Lord thy God who brought Thee out of Egypt, out of the house of bondage. Thou shalt have no other gods before Me.”

The revelation of God as Law created within consciousness the principle of right action and wrong action, of the need for obedience, and in general established outer practices by which and through which human beings could assure themselves and be assured that they were being obedient.

The second dispensation came with the birth of Christianity through the holy Word made manifest, the revelation of God as Love. This revelation shifted the primary focus of the human-Divine relationship out of the realm of action and into the realm of feeling. It required of human beings that they be in right relationship to the Divine and to each other through the emotional qualities of humility, kindness, charity, good-will, forgiveness, and love. The message of ‘do no harm’ and of forgiveness was and is a radical message for that time as it is today. It is based on the new commandment offered at that time that we “love one another as the Christ has loved us.” For those embracing the new Christian current, God as Love as a spiritual orientation took precedent over God as Law, although in principle they are not mutually exclusive, but rather seek to emphasize different aspects of the same primordial unity. God as Love did not eliminate the earlier dispensation, but rather expanded it into a new unity in which Divine mercy, Divine love, and Divine grace played a much bigger part than they had previously.

The third dispensation which began in the early twentieth century and is continuing today in a greatly expanded way is the revelation of “God as Being.” This dispensation is based on the revelation of the Divine within all beings and all things. It is the indwelling divinity of the One that is being established as a truth today, a truth that had been present at the revelation of Sinai but one that could not be fully realized at that time.

The third revelation is of ‘I Am’, or more properly ‘I Am That I Am.’ The holy words in Hebrew, ‘eyeh asher eyeh’ reveal the God that is existence itself, beyond any name, qualification, or label, the existence within all as well as the existence beyond all. This dispensation reveals God the Mother, the indwelling divinity, the oneness of the One. Its seed was there in the beginning, and it is being established upon the Earth today. ‘I Am That I Am’ is the revelation of unity, the understanding that God dwells within all and IS all.

The third dispensation of ‘eyeh asher eyeh’ is meant to unite all beings everywhere, within every spiritual tradition and every walk of life. The revelation of ‘I Am That I Am’ conveys to our consciousness that all that lives participates in Divine being through their very existence. It is the revelation upon which the unity of All in All shall be built.


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