The Nature of the Emotional and Mental Bodies


Every human being is composed of multiple layers of energy that surround the physical being. Historically, these have been referred to as the ‘aura’ or ‘auric field’. Within these layers lie energies in various states of transparency to light. The physical body is the densest layer of the energy body but it, too, contains energy and is sustained by energy. The etheric body surrounds the physical like an energetic glove and is the interface between the higher bodies and the physical. The emotional and mental bodies surround the etheric and bring through the higher vibrations of light when our bodies are open to such vibrations. Often, these layers function as transmitters both to ourselves and to others concerning our underlying mental and emotional states. They can be relatively clear or relatively cluttered with residue from our history with others, past and present, and from the burden of unhealed emotions and thoughts that we carry.

The emotional body, in particular, has been fashioned by God to give to each human being the ability to realize their own divinity within form. It has the capacity to resonate with the higher aspects of soul-consciousness in a very immediate and precise way.

The Emotional Body

The emotional body, in particular, has been fashioned by God to give to each human being the ability to realize their own divinity within form. It has the capacity to resonate with the higher aspects of soul-consciousness in a very immediate and precise way and is composed of layers of energy that vibrate at different frequencies. In one layer are the vibrational frequencies corresponding to emotions of happiness or joy. In an another, the frequencies of gratitude or generosity. In a third layer are energies that resonate with trust and acceptance. In a fourth, are the emotions of dedication and devotion. In a fifth layer are vibrational frequencies of tenderness. In a sixth, emotions of peace and of patience. In a seventh are the frequencies of love which are not only held as a layer of energy within the emotional body but are also generated from within the heart chakra. Each layer of the emotional body resonates to an aspect of soul-consciousness at a higher level. Each layer does not necessarily carry this consciousness, but it carries the potentiality for it once the way has been opened and space has been created.  When the emotional body becomes opaque due to darker emotional currents, we tend to feel cut off from the light of our own higher consciousness. In such cases, it is easy to feel that we have been abandoned by God when the truth is that we no longer have a receptive vehicle which can perceive the higher vibrations of light or communication of a transcendent kind.

The emotional body is composed of energies in continual motion. There is not a day that goes by when many, many emotional energies are not passing through us. They may be very gentle currents — even too gentle to be registered as emotions, per se — or they may be intensely upsetting. In either case there is a continual flow of emotional energies moving through, day and night. The key to stabilization through the ups and downs of emotional life is, first, to have a direction to point toward that corresponds to a sense of higher purpose, and, second, to have a means of sustenance so that we can feel balanced at all times. This means of sustenance is God’s light and breath.

There is much self-direction and self-discipline that is possible in relation to emotionality, for it is an aspect of life that is based less on external events than on the internal perspective we hold. Emotional stability is an inner capacity of a psyche that is connected to purpose and to God. It can be developed in anyone who seeks it through the willingness to surrender emotions to Divine will, and through the practice of alignment which maintains a steady flow of light and breath into the body.

The emotional body is a gift of God. It has been placed within the human energetic vehicle so that it can fully absorb the consciousness that corresponds to the higher vibrations of light. Without the emotional body being present, we would understand God’s reality with our minds, but not with the warmth and love that are more tactile and more related to the sense of touch.

The Mental Body

The mental body, in a similar way, is effectively stabilized or destabilized by the patterns which thought assumes as it passes through our energy body. These thoughts are influenced by the collective consciousness of the world, by the mental ‘atmosphere’ of the country in which we live, by the collective awareness of any groups that are important to us, and, of course, by the thought patterns of our own families. We are constantly impinged upon by the thought process of others and are constantly influencing the thoughts of others. In order to stabilize our mental body so that it remains clear and transparent to light, it is necessary to remain aligned with light and in a clear space so that the mental body can de-fuse whatever discordant thoughts enter it. These thoughts do not have to be prevented from entering the mental body. Rather, a capacity needs to develop to let them slide off the self because they find nothing to ‘stick to’. Then, these intruding thoughts can come and go without creating a disturbance within.

Both the mental and emotional bodies are composed of light whose vibration is lowered when we allow discordant thoughts and emotions to reside in our energy field without care or attention. When we do not attend to our own inner ‘housecleaning’ on a regular basis, then these bodies can accumulate debris of a lower vibration that can reside within them for years or for lifetimes.

The Superconscious Mind

In addition to the more ordinary aspect of mental awareness which we commonly refer to as the ‘mind’, there is also the capacity within human beings to think with a higher part of themselves that is the ‘superconscious mind’. This part relates to the higher mental body and is capable of joining with the realms of truth and Light. ‘Higher mind’ is an aspect of Creation that has been given to each embodied being as a layer of the aura that exists as a potentiality, though one not often active during this stage in the evolution of collective consciousness. The capacity for attunement to this layer of mind results from long pursuit of alignment with light and truth which ultimately opens the doors to the higher realms so that individual mind can unite with the universal — with God’s mind — of which it is a part. In the presence of this awareness, the mind can perceive the essence of things rather than their outer form. It can know the truth of things, as compared with how they look or feel to the observer. It can sense the underlying formative elements that belong to ideas, people, images, and objects, for all that exists, exists as a pattern held within the mind of God, and all that partakes of material form has an inner essence that shares in divinity.

The superconscious mind operates at this level of inner knowing. It brings to awakened consciousness the awareness of the inner structure of reality as compared to the external picture that reality presents, and allows consciousness to join with the knowledge of the eternal as it exists within space and time.

To reach the place of being able to activate this capacity of consciousness within human form is to recover within ourselves the clarity and transparency that is needed in order to perceive without perceptual filters and without the need that reality be a certain way. The shaping force of the personality which ordinarily creates external events out of wishes and desires, must become passive in order that reality as it actually is can present itself to consciousness. When this degree of surrender and of clarity takes place on the mental level and when the emotional body is no longer invested in shaping reality, then the ‘higher mind’ that has lain dormant within our energy field can begin to be joined with the lower, and the perception of things as they truly are can become more clear.

In order for this to occur, the process of surrender must begin with attention to letting go of thoughts that seek anything other than Divine will. The imaging feature of the mind that creates such thoughts and desires is part of the ego and it has been with us during our entire earth journey. It creates a focus of attention toward what the smaller-self strives for and what it wishes to be, and out of this focused intentionality draws to itself that which it desires. The result is a ‘magnetization’ of events and energies toward the self — a process that comes to shape a life. This shape generally combines both karmic needs for healing and also the intentionality of the soul which filters through these needs as it finds its way toward expression. In the course of purification, these streams become wedded so that all that exists of the karmic past is incorporated within the greater need to become an expression of Divine will, with a life constructed by God rather than by the self. Such surrender on the level of thought and feeling, accompanied by light from the higher levels of one’s being, opens up possibilities for our ‘higher mind’ to become more active.

The Nature of Emotion

The currents of energy which form the emotional body are parts of the Divine blueprint for each human being which gives to each soul the capacity to experience Divine consciousness while yet in a physical body. This gift relates to the awareness of beauty, of joy, of tenderness, of peace, of gratitude, of blessing, of generosity, of love. The knowledge of all of these things can be felt through the emotional body when it joins with the higher aspects of the self, for these are attitudes of soul that are meant to belong to the embodied human being. Such attitudes are intrinsic to the soul’s perception of reality and are not colored by any other energy that would distract the soul from its awareness of these qualities. The line of connection or ‘line of light’ which links the higher self with the lower, transmits these energies of higher emotion to the embodied self and allows the energies to translate into the conscious perception of feeling.

It is often thought, today, that emotion is ruled by brain chemistry and by changes in neurotransmitters and synaptic functioning which generate particular emotional states. While this is true on the level of description, it is not true that changes in brain chemistry or in neurotransmitters are the ‘cause’ of such emotional states. Rather, the functioning of brain chemistry is itself governed, in large measure, by the energy bodies which send their directives to the functioning portions of the brain, energizing aspects of consciousness and changing physical elements that affect mood and motivation. Without energies of a particular kind being present in the mental and emotional bodies, the cerebral fluids and neural transmitters would not be produced that govern emotional responses, states, and behaviors. When aspects of these physical elements are depleted, it is because there is an energetic depletion within the mental or emotional body which can no longer sustain the brain’s ordinary level of functioning. Emotionally dysfunctional states of various kinds can result including depression, anxiety, and an inability to tolerate intense stimulation. These states are more than a function of serotonin1 or norepinephrine2 levels. In fact, these levels are maintained by the energy that is filtered to the brain through light frequencies that correspond to feelings of hope, buoyancy, joy, calmness, or peace.

The Higher Emotional Body

Just as there is a higher mental body, there is also a ‘higher emotional body’. This body is a layer of the aura that is not often accessible to consciousness but exists as a potentiality nevertheless. Its purpose is to convey to the embodied self the emotional attitudes of the soul as well as the higher vibrations of the realms of Light. In this sense, the higher emotional body vibrates with the harmonic of the realms of Light including the angelic realms, and does not partake of the emotions of the human realm. Its purpose is to allow the light-body, including the physical body and the auric field, to fully participate in the frequencies of vibration that are common to the higher realms and to bring the human self into full concordance with these spiritual dimensions. This task is not often achieved during physical embodiment at this time in our development, but as light increasingly infuses our physical-energetic being, much more will become possible. The emotional vehicle has the capacity, once activated, of maintaining the connection with higher consciousness and of allowing the physical self to participate in full measure in the life and light of the higher realms.

  1. Serotonin is a monoamine neurotransmitter synthesized in the central nervous system and in the gastrointestinal tract. In the central nervous system, it is believed to play an important role in the regulation of mood, sleep, sexuality, and appetite.  It has also been thought to play a part in the biochemistry of depression, migraine, bipolar disorder, and anxiety.
  2. Norepinephrine is released from the medulla of the adrenal glands as a hormone into the blood, but it is also a neurotransmitter released during synaptic transmission. Changes in the norepinephrine system are thought to be involved in depression, which is often treated by increasing the amounts of serotonin and norepinephrine available to postsynaptic cells in the brain.

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