The Vibration of the Heart in a Time of Darkness


The vibration of love in a time of darkness is the way through, for love’s presence is always of light, not the words of love but the feeling and knowing of love.

The vibration of the heart and of its love in a time of darkness is the way through and the path to follow. The power of deception can misuse words and ideas to convey the ‘concept’ of love or of goodwill, but when the vibration of the heart is missing, one wonders why one’s own emotional response is lacking. This is because words are not feelings, and the vibration of the heart, when not connected with words, leaves the impression of emotional coldness despite words to the contrary.

Sometimes it is difficult to tell what is true of the words one hears and what is not. Often, this has to do with self-doubt and with the invalidation of one’s own perception. Nevertheless, in the depths of sincere prayer and asking seek to know the true vibration of the heart within yourself and within others, for this is the key to the path of light and the way of discerning that which represents itself as light but is not. All help shall be given both from the level of your own soul and from the level of the higher Realms that guide you as to how to know the difference. Trust yourself, even in the presence of protestations and in the familiarity of conventional statements. Words, especially familiar words, can create confusion and doubt. Pray to know the vibration of the heart and to believe in your own perception. In this way the way forward shall be made clear. Amen.


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