Foundational Truths


During times of darkness, oppression, or when emotions have created a sense of anxiety or extreme fear, it is important to hold to foundational truths. These truths do not live in the mind. They live in the deeper strata of the heart and reside in one’s inner being. The mind can easily succumb to the pressure and intensity of emotions that are either innate to the personality structure, or are being colored and affected by energies that would take the embodied self further away from the light, toward increased separation from truth and hope. At such times, foundational truths of the heart must be reached for and clung to as one would cling to a life preserver or life raft on a stormy sea. For the energies of opposition cannot touch the deeper truths that reside in one’s being, since this being is the domain of the soul and is infused with the Divine energy that belongs to each created child of God.

Cling, then, to the foundational truth that lives at your center. Cling to it at all times, but especially at those times when doubt and fear assail your consciousness.

Foundational truths need not be sought in the mind. They can be sought in the most important value or values and heart-centered beliefs that one holds about life or about the self. Most importantly, they are, and can be, about love. Encircling energies of darkness or oppression cannot touch love when it is clung to in this fashion — wordlessly, confidently, firmly. Love is the single most important platform on which to take a stand against any and all forms of doubt, oppression, or fear that cause a loss of hope or of perspective of any kind. Love, and what one loves most deeply, creates an open avenue along which the light of the soul can travel, and makes possible a re-emergence from the depths of darkness toward a place of greater peace and hope. Love does not need to be for a person, or a place, or a thing. It can exist wordlessly, as an attitude toward all, toward life, toward God, toward oneself, toward the desire to take breath. Love is fundamental to all of life. It is built into the fabric of life itself and so when searched for and clung to it can be an effective antidote against all forms of oppression.

This is to say that the foundational truth of love and what one loves must be clung to with tenacity, single-mindedness, and strength, not permitting the entrance of thoughts of fear, dread, depression, or anxiety to enter the domain in which love remains seated. All energies that seek to dismantle love also seek to remove the embodied self from the correct perception of who they are and the correct perception of what life is really about. This is the reason that at times of darkness, thoughts are often not valid. They are often not based on truth but on fear that has been created within the mind. Foundational truths have no part of fear. They exist within the light of the soul and this is why they create an immunity to forms of oppression that separate the embodied self from light and from God.

Cling, then, to the foundational truth that lives at your center. Cling to it at all times, but especially at those times when doubt and fear assail your consciousness. Then cling to it more fiercely and let it hold you as a raft that is sturdy can hold a body afloat. Foundational truths are a raft in a stormy sea of emotion, and their access is as available as breathing, for they are innate to each soul and they live within the soul itself. Breathe in such truths. Live by them. Hold them close in your heart. Feel the light that they carry.

These truths are the effective means for dispelling darkness and remaining with the light, and they are in the possession of every child of God who seeks them. May God bless your searching for this truth within yourself and may it provide the hope that is what all beings seek during times of trouble.


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