The Winged Heart Image


Let Thy wish become my desire, let Thy will become my deed;
let Thy word become my speech, Beloved,
and let Thy love become my creed.
–A Sufi Song

The winged heart is a heart rising to God, immersed in a single-minded quality of surrender and devotion.  For such a heart there is but one Beloved, and all other beloveds are part of this One.  For such a heart there is only one goal, and all other goals are part of this as well.  For such a heart there is only one Relationship, and all others derive from this One.

Nakedly celebrating its rapture in being close to the One who is All, the heart that has wings seeks to spread its wings to embrace more and more of the Beloved, and also to uplift and carry others upward on the Journey to the One.

The crescent in the heart is the sliver of moon that is responsive to the light of the Sun, reflecting more and more of this light until it becomes a completely Full Moon.

The five-pointed Star is the Divine light itself that finds a place to live within the heart and that causes it to respond.

Embracing all forms of spiritual touch, all forms of mystical joining, the winged heart represents to mankind, the lover that seeks the Beloved, the seeker that seeks the Truth, the heart of the beloved that seeks to be free.


The original winged heart from which the above image derives is an emblem of the Sufi movement, a mystical branch of Islam.  A more detailed explanation of its meaning is offered by the founder of this movement, Hazrat Inayat Khan, who also wrote the following words that identify both the movement and its universal goal of unity.

Toward the One, the Perfection of Love, Harmony and Beauty,

The Only Being, united with all the illuminated souls who form the embodiment of the master, the spirit of guidance.


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