Alpha and Omega


This is the meaning of ‘Omega’ — that what was originally given as a God-force from above (Alpha) to draw humanity toward the Divine, is now given from ‘below’ — the Divine Word coming through the Earth itself.

The Divine Word is anchoring in the Earth now, bringing forth transformation to all children of God. This is the meaning of ‘Omega’ — that what was originally given as a God-force from ‘above’ that would draw humanity toward the Divine through the greater manifestation of God’s being, is now given for the same purpose coming from ‘below’ — coming through the Earth itself.

For Alpha and Omega are not two forces but one — the energy of the Christ manifesting now in and through the Earth, bringing blessings everywhere and the possibility for each one to become more fully joined with their very own soul.

Alpha and Omega, the Divine Word manifesting above and below — this is the time we are in — the time of the manifestation of the Covenant that all souls are part of and that is part of all souls. And if there are greater difficulties and challenges that abound now, it is because all that stands in the way of this greater manifestation must be released and dissolved in the holy light of God.

This is the role and function of the Word — to bring forth the new within the plane of matter, within matter itself, so that all can find within themselves the Divine being that they seek and that they are.

Many have written about this time, many have hoped for it, and yet because difficulties still abound and appear in certain instances to be getting stronger, there is not the confident joy that would be present if all could feel and know that the Divine Word is manifesting in the Earth and upon the Earth. The difficulties must manifest, because what has been hidden must become open, what has been concealed, must reveal itself to the light of day. It is in this way that all darkness that remains shall make itself known and shall be dissolved in the greater light of God, for this has been ordained from the beginning and from before time began — that all flesh would come to know the Divine Presence dwelling upon the Earth, and would gather together and bow before the majesty of what God had created.

Pain and suffering still remain for many, and so this has not yet become visible in its fullness. And yet the light-shift that is before us will bring forth a manifestation of what is ordained in a way that is knowable to all. And it will be for those who are open as if their hopes and dreams had finally been given an avenue of expression, and it will be as if all that had been waited for had finally arrived. This is the time that beckons — the time of the Divine and holy Word of God manifesting upon the Earth. May all blessings flow to the blessed Earth and to all beings who live upon Her, for her time is coming and has come.


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